5 Common Signs of a Failing Alternator

5 Common Signs of a Failing AlternatorWhen a vehicle is having a problem, the symptoms of its ailment will generally lead a trained mechanic directly to the problem. However, if the alternator, which is what produces electric power and keeps the battery fuly charged, is what is giving the car trouble, then it can be difficult to diagnose without proper testing. This is because the alternator allows for many tasks to be performed within a car's electrical system as the engine runs. If you experience one or more of these signs of alternator trouble, be sure to head to the auto shop for proper diagnosis.

Electrical Dysfunction

While this is vague, the alternator is what provides power to many other electrical components when the car is on, such as the radio, power windows, infotainment system and more. If these begin to fail or have trouble operating it could be caused by a failing alternator.

Dashboard Indicator Light

Many vehicles are equipped with a dashboard indicator light that reads ALT or GEN that will light up if the vehicle's alternator is having trouble. This is the easiest way to diagnose this issue.

Flickering, Low Headlight

If your headlights seem dim or flicker as you drive down the road there is a good chance your alternator is having issues. This is because the alternator provides the electrical power necessary for the lights to be ignited as the vehicle runs.

Stalling or Starting Problems

The alternator provides power to the spark plug it needs in order to ignite the gasoline and power your engine. If your vehicle stalls while running or has trouble starting, such as the engine turning over and over, it may be caused by an alternator that can no longer create enough power.

Dead Battery

Batteries die due to lights being left on, playing the radio without the engine running for extended periods, stuck relay switches and other issues, but a common cause is a faulty alternator. The alternator charges the battery as the vehicle runs, so if it fails, the battery will be drained of its juice.

The alternator is an important piece of the puzzle that is your car. If you believe it is time for alternator repair in Phoenix head to Gearhead Auto Center. Our expert auto repair technicians will diagnose and repair whatever trouble your vehicle is having. Give us a call at (602) 497-3541 to request more information or to schedule professional auto repair in Phoenix.

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