4 signs your vehicle needs exhaust repair right away

4 signs your vehicle needs exhaust repair right awayThe exhaust system in your car has a very important job. It is tasked with removing the harmful fumes created by the engine, transport them underneath and past the passenger cabin and expel them out of the tailpipe at the rear of the car. The fumes also pass through the catalytic converter, which is designed to convert the exhaust into less hazardous emissions. This whole process is important for your car's performance, but also for your own health. Exhaust fumes are toxic and should a leak occur that allows the smoke to get into the passenger cabin, you could be at risk of death. If you experience any of the following signs of exhaust trouble be sure to get to a repair shop as soon as possible for proper service.

Loud engine rumbling

One of the more common signs of an exhaust leak is loud rumbling noises under the hood, which are most audible during rapid acceleration. One function of the exhaust system is to dampen engine noise, so a leak will cause the motor's sounds to be louder than normal. If your vehicle begins to generate noises that you're unfamiliar with it is a smart idea to head to a shop so the issue can be diagnosed.

Vibrating gas pedal

Another common symptom of exhaust trouble is if the gas pedal seems to vibrate, especially while speeding up. If the leak is larger it may result in the steering wheel or even the whole vehicle to vibrate or shake. Vibrations of any kind are a sign of trouble, so always get to a service shop for repairs if any shaking begins.

Decrease in MPGs

The O2 sensor measures oxygen in the exhaust to help maintain the proper air and fuel mixture needed for the engine run properly. If too much oxygen is in the exhaust, as it would be if there were a leak, your car will begin to burn excessive amounts of gas.

Check engine light

There are many things that can trigger the check engine light, but several of them have to do with issues surrounding the exhaust system. To be on the safe side and to avoid bigger issues of any kind, be sure to get to an auto repair shop for proper diagnostics as soon as the light comes on.

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