Six Signs it is Time for Brake Repair Now!

Six Signs it is Time for Brake Repair Now!While some people may delay diagnostics of a check engine light, there are some auto repairs that you should never put off, namely when it comes to safety. If you suspect that you're experiencing brake trouble in your vehicle be sure to reach out to a professional auto technician to schedule brake repair ASAP. It is up to you to keep vehicle car safe to drive! The following are 6 of the most common signs of brake trouble.

Shaking brake pedal

Do your feet vibrate when you hit the brakes? This may mean that the rotors have become warped. The rotors are what the brake pads rub against to create the friction that slows your vehicle. They can become warped over years of use, which makes them have uneven surface that reduces stopping power.


A vehicle that pulls left or right when braking is probably experiencing uneven brake pad wear. Unfortunately more extensive problems may be present, such as a stuck wheel cylinder or contaminants in the brake fluid.

Spongy brake pedal

If your vehicle's brake pedal is easily pushed to the floor there is a chance that the brake pads are very thin or even non-existent. However, this could indicate a much more serious issue. It may mean there is air in the brake lines or the brake system is suffering from a dangerous brake fluid leak, which is discussed more next.

Brake fluid leak

If you spot a brownish-clear, sticky fluid collecting near one of your tires it may be brake fluid. Contact your local auto repair shop to ask for further advice, as it may be unsafe to drive your car and it should be towed to a shop for repairs.

Grinding noises when braking

One of the more common signs of brake trouble is a squealing or grinding noise that occurs when the brake pedal is pressed. This is the sound of metal grinding on metal, which indicates that the brake pads are worn down and need to be replaced.

ABS light

The ABS light illuminating on your dashboard means it is time for brake diagnostics right away. This light stands for Anti-Lock Braking System and if it turns on it means brake system sensors have detected a problem.

Never put off brake repair! When it is time for brake repair in Phoenix visit the team at Gearhead Auto Center. We service all makes and models at our bumper to bumper auto repair shop. Give us a call at (602) 497-3541 to schedule an appointment for quality auto repair in Phoenix.

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