The Importance of Routine Oil Changes

The Importance of Routine Oil ChangesToday's cars and trucks require all sorts of auto maintenance to ensure that they remain in prime operating condition. Of the maintenance required by your vehicle there is one service that is necessary much more often than the others, this is the oil change. Oil changes, required for most cars and trucks every 3000 to 5000 miles, are necessary to ensure that the engine remains properly lubricated throughout the operation. Neglecting to change the oil in your vehicle could result in a number of problems including massive engine troubles. Here's what you need to know about changing your car's oil.

Removes Engine Gunk

As the motor operates an accumulation of dirt, grime, metal flakes and other contaminates occurs within the engine. While oil circulates it picks up this debris and leaves it in the oil filter as it flows through it. When oil is changed the filter is also replaced, thus removing all the grime that has built up. When the rest of the oil from the motor is drained it brings with it additional contaminants that have been left behind in the engine that reduces fuel efficiency and can cause internal engine damage.

Engine Temperature Regulation

Engine oil is scientifically engineered to help reduce the interior operating temperature of the engine by absorbing and transferring heat. It also helps to reduce the heat inside the engine by preventing it from every being generated. The oil does this by ensuring that there is proper lubrication to reduce the friction between the moving parts. While the oil is not a substitute for the cooling system, it is able to reduce the temperature inside areas of the engine that coolant cannot reach.

Enhances Lubrication

The most important reason to get an oil change is to ensure that the engine's moving parts are properly lubricated. If an engine does not have the proper amount of oil in it then excessive metal on metal contact will occur between the moving parts, resulting in major engine damage. These extreme engine issues can cause a complete failure. Fresh engine oil keeps your pistons pumping with minimal friction to ensure a reliable ride.

If you car is due for an oil change don't delay heading to the auto shop right away. All cars and trucks need oil changes in order to offer peak performance and optimal fuel efficiency. For an oil change in Phoenix visit the team at Gearhead Auto Center. We provide full service auto maintenance for all cars and trucks, including hybrids. To learn more about our services or to request quality auto maintenance in Phoenix give us a call at (602) 497-3541 today.

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