Preparing your car for a summer road trip

Preparing your car for a summer road tripTis the season of driving! Spring and particularly summer are the times of year when families and friends pack into their cars and head across the country to see all that the good ole USA has to offer. While road trips can be incredibly exciting, they can come to a sudden halt if car trouble arises. Be sure to take the time to prepare your car for the long haul by providing it with the maintenance it needs to cover the extra miles. Here's a short list of must dos prior to hitting the road.


Check your tires for balding tread, cracking sidewalls or bubbling rubber. Any signs of worn tires should be reason enough to buy new ones. Even if the tires seem to be in good shape make sure they are filled to the proper air pressure rating for maximum traction and fuel efficiency.


You never know what sort of weather you'll be caught in on a road trip, so make sure your wipers are in good shape. For maximum safety and visibility double check that all exterior lights work. This includes headlights, tail lights, blinkers, reverse lights and brake lights.

Oil Change

If your car is due for an oil change be sure to have it done before taking off. Fresh oil will maximize engine performance and ensure you get the best possible miles per gallon.

Belts & Hoses

Have a technician inspect any belts and hoses under the hood. Rubber parts wear out over time and should they fail completely they can cause major engine damage.

Air & Fuel Filters

Replacing the air and fuel filters will improve fuel efficiency and better protect your car from harm during your drive.

Jumper Cables

Don't let a dead battery strand you. Be prepared with jumper cables so you can quickly get back on the road if your car battery fails you.

Safety Kit

A lot can happen on a road trip, so put together a safety kit that includes first aid items, road triangles, flares and water. It's best to be ready for anything.

Road trips are great, when they go as planned. To ensure you have no car troubles on your trip head to Gearhead Auto Center for an expert pre-trip inspection in Phoenix. Our team of highly skilled auto maintenance and repair techs will ensure your car is up to date with its factory needs and is ready to tackle the highway for hours on end. To learn more or to schedule an auto maintenance in Phoenix give us a call at at (602) 497-3541 today.

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