"Your ride is our passion"

"Your ride is our passion"

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Automotive maintenance & repair tips and news

Welcome to Gearhead Auto Repair's auto maintenance & repair blog - read industry news & developments, and car maintenance tips.

Regular Car Maintenance Increases Longevity And Reduces Costs

Most car owners are aware of the importance of performing regular car maintenance. Unfortunately, those same car owners willfully neglect the performance of such maintenance, often putting it off despite knowing that proper car care will result in better performance and untold savings over the life of the car. The maintenance that must be performed...
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Transmission Flushes Greatly Benefit A Car's Performance

For drivers of vehicles that have hit that 100,000 mile mark, it is time to consider the benefits of transmission flushes. Since you have reached that milestone in your vehicle's life cycle, you probably know a thing or two about keeping up with the routine maintenance of your vehicle. Part of this maintenance should include an investigation into t...
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Car Cleaning Tips That Are Useful

Having a clean car makes driving that much more pleasant. Studies have shown that a neat and tidy environment actually reduces stress and makes you more clear-headed. Try some of these car cleaning tips to learn how to keep your car clean, and your daily commute or next long road trip will be much easier to bear. ​ ​ ​ Cleaning The Exterior Tips fo...
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Fuel Efficiency Tips That Can Save You Money

Fuel efficiency refers to the amount of miles a vehicle gets per gallon of gas. Each car and truck on the market comes already tested for optimal fuel efficiency, but as many vehicle owners already know, the number that is on the label isn't always the number a car gets on the road. Below are a few fuel efficiency tips that can help you boost your ...
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